"so… are you REALLY a lesbian?" no. i am actually 16 praying mantises disguised in a human suit. i am sorry for deceiving you

you must be really small then…only 16?!

please do not belittle our efforts. we are trying our best


Bastille @ Open’er Festival


Last minute decision to see Mongol Horde at New Slang last night was a best minute decision.

Also proof that an old camera isn’t a bad camera. Old faithful - Oscar, a Nikon D60 I bought when I was 16 (and it wasn’t a new model then) that has fewer megapixels than most peoples phones do now, did me proud. I only upgraded to a Nikon D7000 last year, my company and the style that has made my name all came from that D60 - so forgive me when I say it’s the photographer, not the camera.

I keep having dreams of pioneers and pirate ships and bob dylan

2x09 // 2x21



…. Why is no one talking about TKAKs new EP in October?



Should I stay at badsteels, or switch to one of these:

- tokillralph
- playallthething
- tkakralph